This bonus episode is an interview with Amanda Waltman, a portrait photographer, Certified Printmaker, and good friend of mine from Seattle, WA.

Amanda is doing some really cool stuff to not only encourage print sales, but to also set herself up for repeat clients in a way that you could easily replicate in your business this week.

This one’s only about 20 minutes long and it’s filled to the brim with practical, actionable advice on growing your print sales and repeat clients with just one simple tweak to the products you’re offering.

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Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be following Texas portrait photographer Victoria Mullaley as she transitions her business from shoot and burn to In-Person Sales.

In today’s episode Victoria and I take a detailed look at her current business processes before diving into some specific changes she can make in her business right now to start attracting clients who want printed products and to build their excitement for those products throughout her entire In-Person Sales process.

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