As a mother of 6 kids, Victoria needs to be able to work as efficiently as possible in her photography business. So, in today’s episode, we dive into some practical, actionable things you can implement immediately to streamline your photography business workflow.

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  • Virtual IPS… Is it Right for Your Business? (Free) – This blog post is a run down of the pros and cons of Remote In-Person Sales and will help you decide if it could be a good fit for your business.
  • Join our In-Person Sales community, IPS Redefined (Free) – Want to switch to In-Person Sales, but not sure where to start? Simple… start here. This free In-Person Sales community is refreshingly kind and helpful, welcoming photographers at any experience level!
  • The Printmaker System (Paid) – This is our baby, what we do over here. The Printmaker System helps shoot and burn photographers make the switch to In-Person Sales by providing everything you need – training, tools and coaching – at a price any photographer can afford. If you’re looking for the most direct path to In-Person Sales, this is it.

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