In this episode of our IPS Photography podcast (which is Texas Portrait Photographer Victoria Mullaley’s second of four weeks on the podcast), we dig deep into her print product mix.

We discuss the types of print products she offers, why she chose those products, the psychology behind how we price photography packages (and why that same concept should be applied to the products you offer) and Chris shares why he believes 8x10s are straight from the devil, himself.

This interview ran a little long so it’s been split into 2 parts. The second part will be published later this week and we’ll dive headfirst into product pricing.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • The Printmaker Product and Pricing Calculator – This is the exact product mix and pricing calculator we provide to our paid Printmaker System members. It’ll help you keep track of every price of every print product you offer, all calculated for you and all in one place. Why are you still reading this description? Download it already, it’s FREE!
  • Victoria’s Product and Price List – This is the price list we discuss throughout today’s episode. Download it here if you’d like to be able to follow along.

Dig Deeper with These Resources:

  • The Wall Art Product Style Guide (Free) – Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing print products to offer? This Wall Art Style Guide will help you discover your product style, then give you specific products to offer based on that style.
  • Breaking Free From “Product Picking Paralysis” (Free) – If you’re struggling while wading through all the print product options available to you, break out of that rut with this blog post from The Printmaker System blog.
  • 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Professional Print Lab (Free) – Use this quick list to help you figure out which pro print labs will be the best fit for your business and clients.
  • Join our In-Person Sales community, IPS Redefined (Free) – Want to switch to In-Person Sales, but not sure where to start? Simple… start here. This free In-Person Sales community is refreshingly kind and helpful, welcoming photographers at any experience level!
  • The Printmaker System (Paid) – This is our baby, what we do over here. The Printmaker System helps shoot and burn photographers make the switch to In-Person Sales by providing everything you need – training, tools and coaching – at a price any photographer can afford. If you’re looking for the most direct path to In-Person Sales, this is it.

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