Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be following Texas portrait photographer Victoria Mullaley as she transitions her business from shoot and burn to In-Person Sales.

In today’s episode Victoria and I take a detailed look at her current business processes before diving into some specific changes she can make in her business right now to start attracting clients who want printed products and to build their excitement for those products throughout her entire In-Person Sales process.

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Coming March 2019!

Episode Transcript:

Hey, this is Chris Scott from The Printmaker System, where we help shoot and burn photographers make the switch to In-Person Sales.

I’m excited to announce that we’ll be launching a brand new podcast in the coming weeks where we’ll do exactly what I just said…

Each month on The Printmaker Podcast, you’ll follow one photographer down the path from Shoot and Burn to In-Person Sales.

You’ll get a first-hand look at what it takes to transition a real, working photographer’s business model to In-Person Sales – the good, the not-so-good, the struggles and the wins. We’ll cover product picking, pricing, setting up a successful In-Person Sales process and even dive a bit into how to effectively market a product-selling photography business to a world that only wants digital files.

So, if you’re a wedding or portrait photographer who is getting burned out from all the shooting and burning and you’re wondering if In-Person Sales could really work in your business – this podcast is for you.

Now, we’re currently recording our first few episodes so you’ll have a couple to binge when we launch, so take a second right now and click the button below to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode when we launch!


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