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EP 005 – BONUS – How Amanda Uses Framed Prints to Increase Income and Get Repeat Clients

This bonus episode is filled to the brim with practical, actionable advice from portrait photographer and Certified Printmaker Amanda Waltman on growing your income and getting consistent repeat clients with one simple tweak to the products you offer. Read More
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EP 004: Streamlining Your Photography Business Workflow with Victoria Mullaley

As a mother of 6 kids, Victoria needs to be able to work as efficiently as possible in her photography business. So, in today's episode, we dive into some practical, actionable things Victoria can implement in her business immediately to streamline her workflow. Read More
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EP 002: Choosing Print Products with Victoria Mullaley

In today's episode we'll dig into the exact products Victoria is going to offer, why she's chosen those products and how she can best structure her product mix. You'll also learn why Chris believes 8x10s are straight from the devil and what he prefers instead. We went a little long in today's episode, so we're splitting this into two shorter episodes, with the second half coming later this week. Read More

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